Week 7 Monday

Last night…

Tigers defeated the Redlings

Meleons defeated the Threat Agents


Tonight…                                                                                                                  Home                                                                  Time (EST)                                                      Away

Key Points:
–Both teams making huge trades for some big names and giving up nothing, are looking to take 3rd place.

-This will be the game that decides which trade was more sucessful

Who Will Win:

This is defiantly a hard game to call. Both team have such great line-ups. Its a battle between water and bulb vs zach and lingking.

The Meleons will win.

Predictions so far- 25 Correct 12 Wrong 

Final words:

Very exiting game ahead of us, will be nice to watch. Be sure to tune in @ 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey to catch the action.