Week 7 Wednesday

Last night…

The Shakuras Inquisition brutally mercied the New Folsom Renegades

Tonight…                                                                                                                  Home                                                                  Time (EST)                                                      Away

Key Points:
–Important Game for the Redlings to win if they want to push for 3rd and/or home ice advantage

-Flyers chasing the same dream of home ice, a loss would most likely kill it

Who Will Win:

I think that this game will be based mostly on the fact of home ice advantage and desperation. The Redlings home ice will help them tonight

The Redlings Win.

Predictions so far- 26 Correct 12 Wrong 

Final words:

Important game for the standings tonight so be sure to tune in a give your input. Be sure to tune in @ 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey to catch the action.