Last friday…

The FLyers defeated the Threat Agents.

Tonight…                                                                                                                  Home                                                                  Time (EST)                                                      Away

Key Points:
–Very important games tonight all have effect on standings.

– Mar Sara needs a win to maintain 1st place.

-Flyers gain 5th place with a win.

-Shakuras can challenge 2nd or 3rd with a win tonight.

Who Will Win:

Inquisition vs Barracudas – Inquisition Wins

Flyers vs Tigers – Tigers Win

Threat Agents vs Renegades – Threat Agents Win

Redlings vs Meleons – Redlings Win (I gotta go win my team, important win)

Predictions so far- 28 Correct 13 Wrong 

Final words:

Very important games tonight. Teams could jump up to 2 places, and fall up to 2. Next up, playoffs baby! Be sure to tune in @ 9pm EST at twitch.tv/zealothockey to catch the action.