ZHL Opening Day

All teams played their season openers today (well, yesterday at this point). Results have been posted, and videos are available on-demand in the Highlights section of the Zealot Hockey Twitch channel.

I have a request, though, that I forgot to mention before today’s games:  Please do not leave the game before it ends.  Stat tracking is a tedious enough process as it is without having to go count things manually.

If you leave a game prematurely, your stats may not be recorded at all, or we may elect to track only the stats from the first two periods.  Stats = bragging rights.  Fact.  Also, we’re likely going to give out trophies, which could equate to icons in-game on the new boxscore layout reputed’s toying with, to players that have the best stats this season.  So do yourself, and your commissioner, a favor, and don’t leave games early.  Thanks!