ZHL s6 News: Week 1 (Mon-Thurs)

Welcome to the first edition of the ZHL s6 News brought to you by me, MrAlerteyes. There will be a weekly edition (this one) that will be for the days Monday to Thursday, then there will be a Sunday special. So there will be 2 news posts per week. This post will include predictions, players of the week and other news floating around the league.

General News:

Opening week of season 6 is upon us. With lots of new players bound to get their first ZHL start this will lead to a very exciting start to the season.

Games This Week:


Char Meleons @ Braxis Barracudas 9pm EST


Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Aiur Storm 9pm EST

Tarsonis City Tigers @ Korhal War Pigs 10pm EST


Redstone Reapers @ Shakuras Inquisition 9pm EST

Kaldir Yetis @ New Gettysburg Flyers 10pm EST

Three Stars of Week 1:

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Char Meleons @ Braxis BarracudasChar Wins

  • The Char Meleons have the advantage of knowing their goalie situation is solid. They have ResSlayer who has proven himself to be an elite goalie. The Cudas on the other hand may have some questions when it comes to who gets the start in net and whether it is enough to win.

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Aiur Storm Mar Sara Wins

  • The threat agents will be sporting a solid team. The only question for the threat agents is also their goal tending. Is awake enough for ZHL and can he help his team win? Aiur has arguably the best defense in the league but do they have enough offensive power from Moose and their defense to be able to win? Many questions loom in which could be a close game.

Tarsonis City Tigers @ Korhal War Pigs Tarsonis City Wins

  • The Tigers will have good offensive power from three and gang. The Pigs have a roster which may prove questionable for this game if TinyTerran does not show. If Tiny shows the pigs have a good chance to come out with a victory tonight. The Tigers solid lineup should help them squeeze a win in this game.

Redstone Reapers @ Shakuras InquisitionShakuras Wins

  • The Inquisition have arguably one of the best teams on paper. They also have the server advantage over a strong west team in the Reapers. If bulba shows and they can spot a full lineup then they have a good chance to pull a win. The weakness of the Reapers will be server reliability. Can they overcome servers to make a push for a victory? They will need to fight hard.

Kaldir Yetis @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Kaldir Wins

  • The Yetis have a solid well rounded team with a confident goaltender to back them up. They will be a team to use possesion and quick plays to gain goals. The Flyers also have a solid lineup with up and comer Virium working his way to become a strong player for their team. The only way the flyers come out with a victory is if they use their sever advantage and strong offence to help push in a victory. For now I still go with the Yetis.

Predictions So Far: 0 correct, 0 wrong

Closing Statements:

I hope yo all enjoy’d this write up. Look forward for more to come! This does take a lot of work to create so I appreciate all that read my news reports on this league. Be sure to tune in to twitch.tv/zealothockey to watch opening weeks games! Be sure to leave feedback or other suggestion on things you would like to see in the forum thread for the ZHL news here.