Last Weeks Results:

Redstone Reapers Mar Sara Threat Agents – The Reapers won 6-1

Tarsonis City Tigers @ Shakuras Inquisition – Tigers won 5-4

Char Meleons @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Flyers won 6-3

Aiur Storms @ Kaldir Yetis  – Aiur Storms won 3-2 in the 5th round of the shootout


General News:

With almost 2 games under almost every teams belts its clear to see the strong teams and the weak ones. Teams are starting to figure out what they need to be more successful. Trade rumors are flying about and controversy around certain players is present.

As stated by commissioner Teroh “Virium / Kholin has been suspended for 2 games.” due to smurfing.

Games This Week:


Korhol War Pigs @ Braxis Barracudas 9pm EST

*Note this is the only game this week due to American thanksgiving

Three Stars of Week 1:

  1. Swift
  2. MoS
  3. Kevlin


Korhol War Pigs @ Braxis BarracudasWar Pigs Win

  • Unless the offence can carry I don’t see the Cudas winning. The Cudas are in desperate need of a goalie if they want to put up a good fight to make a playoff spot. The War Pigs have a goalie they can be confident in, and have strong offence coming from Htcp and Tenkz. With the goalie situation for the Cudas, if they want to win they will relay on the offence of Zachsmack and peter, as well as the defence of Kelvin.

Predictions So Far: 5 correct, 4 wrong

Closing Statements:

This is a little bit of a shorter write up due to the few games being played this week. For all the Americans, spend some time away from zealot hockey and enjoy thanksgiving with your families! Be sure to tune in to twitch.tv/zealothockey to watch this Sundays games! Be sure to leave feedback or other suggestions on things you would like to see in the forum thread for the ZHL news here.