Last Weeks Results:

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Flyers Won by a dominating 8-3

General News:

Congratulations to FRUITS (Watermelon, DarkLing, Vapour, Blitzerg, ResSlayer) for winning the 3k Tournament!!! We want to thank Blizzard and BasetradeTV for hosting such a wonderful event!  ZHL is now back in full force, HYYYYYYPE!

Games This Week:

Three Stars of Week 3:

  1. Fanci
  2. MrAlerteyes
  3. DarkLing


Shakuras Inquisiton @ Mar Sara Threat Agents – Inquisition Win

  • The Threat Agents issues are continuing. Last week they had another bad loss to start out 0-3. They have major issues with goal tending that need to be addressed. The Inquisition on the other hand are coming off a big win and are looking to make it 3-1 for their season. The woes of TownKrier continue for the Inquisition today. They played TwoDuece in net last game who played stellar. Although this came they could be without and important player in Bulbasaur. Can the Threat Agents get their first win?

Korhol War Pigs @ Kaldir Yetis – Yetis Win

  • The Yetis are coming off a not so great game against the Cudas. They will be looking to rebound against the the Pigs on Wednesday. The pigs will be coming into the game having won 1 game sitting at 3 points. They desperately need a win to boost morale back in their locker room. Tenkz will be hoping to carry the offence for his team, and fight for a win. Both teams looking to get back on track should prove to be a great game to watch.

Braxis Barracudas @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Flyers Win

  • The Flyers and Cudas are sitting at 1st and 2nd respectively in the Interstellar Conference. The Flyers have huge offence from DarkLing and Gigi to provide them with all the goals they need. The Cudas have to continue to rely on their strong offence and defence; as well as their home grown goal tending. This will be an exciting game for a battle of top spot in their conference.

Aiur Storms @ Tarsonis City Tigers – Storms Win

  • The Tigers are coming off their tough 10-0 mercy loss at the hands of the Reapers. The Storms are also coming off their first loss of the season. Both teams looking to return to winning ways as the tigers will have the home ice advantage. This home ice is what they were missing last game when lag was the feature that really costed them the game. The storm will be looking to get Blitz and Swift to help their team to victory.

Predictions So Far: 9 correct, 6 wrong

Closing Statements:

Be sure to tune in to twitch.tv/zealothockey to watch this Sundays games! Be sure to leave feedback or other suggestions on things you would like to see in the forum thread for the ZHL news here.