Last Weeks Results:

Redstone ReapersAiur Storms – Storms Won 2-1 in overtime

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Tarsonis City Tigers   Tigers Won 7-3 in domination

New Gettysburg Flyers @ Korhol War Pigs – War Pigs Won 1-0 in overtime

Char Meleons @ Kaldir Yetis – Yetis Won 7-2 in domination

Redstone Reapers @ Char MeleonsReapers Won 2-1 in a shootout

General News:


The Char Meleons have traded Reputed and UpRoar to the Shakuras inquisition., in return the Meleons will receive TownKrier.

Games This Week:

Three Stars of Week 4:

  1. Gigi
  2. TyRioN
  3. Moose


Shakuras Inquisition @ Braxis Barracudas – Cudas Win

  • The Inquisition just made a big trade to hopefully help their goaltending situation. They brought in reputed an east goalie hoping that he can help them win. The Barracudas would  like to rack up some wins with 2 games this week. With a strong offence and defensive team the Cudas will hope that’s enough to win. The Inquisition will most likely need to rely on Watermelon carry to win this game.

New Gettysburg Flyers @ Redstone Reapers  Reapers Win

  • The Reapers have arguably one of the strongest west teams in the league. The flyers have a solid all around team that can play almost all servers. Their only downfall is their east only goalies. The Reapers will most likely use their home ice advantage to try and pull a win to push for that top spot in their conference. So long as Gigi from the Flyers says hot, there’s a chance the flyers could win.

Kaldir Yetis @ Shakuras Inquisition Inquisition Win

  • The Inquisition will try to use their home ice advantage against a team that has some east dependant players. The Yetis are a very strong team that can easily take this game, but they will need to fight hard to beat a team, the inquisition, that is very hungry for a win. Eric is the centrepiece to his team, and will need to stay strong if his team wants to win.

Braxis Barracudas @ Mar Sara Threat Agents – Threat Agents Win

  • The Threat Agents will be hoping to bounce back and gather more wins vs the Cudas. Unless the Threat Agents can win this game it will be very difficult for them race back and fight for a playoff spot. They might need to rely on free agency to get back in to it. This will be a big game for the Agents, and they need a win bad. The Cudas will be hoping to continue their playoff push with a win.

Korhol War Pigs @ Aiur Storms – Storms Win

  • The Aiur Storms have a very strong team. They will be looking to stay a top the division with a win over the War Pigs. Their home ice advantage will only help them, and they will use whatever they can to win. The Pigs are coming off a huge win over the flyers. They will be hoping to use their momentum to rack up another win, and really push for that playoff spot.

Char Meleons @ Tarsonis City Tigers – Tigers Win 

  • The Tigers will be going against what looks like a messy Meleons team. The Meleons are having issues with their start player Proster who did not show to their last game in which they lost. The Tigers have home ice which they will most certainty use to host east to their advantage. They will be looking for a win to keep their place in playoffs alive.


Predictions So Far: 15 correct, 9 wrong

Closing Statements:

I decided to predict that all home teams will win this week, lets see how that goes! Be sure to tune in to twitch.tv/zealothockey to watch this Sundays games! Be sure to leave feedback or other suggestions on things you would like to see in the forum thread for the ZHL news here.