ZHL S6 NEWS: WEEK 6 (Sunday)

Last Weeks Results:

Shakuras Inquisition @ Braxis Barracudas – Cuda’s Won 5-3

New Gettysburg Flyers Redstone Reapers – Reapers Won 4-2

Kaldir Yetis @ Shakuras Inquisition – Inquisition Won 4-3

Braxis Barracudas @ Mar Sara Threat Agents – Cuda’s Won 5-3

Char Meleons @ Tarsonis City Tigers – Char Won 12-2 on mercy rule

General News:

TRADE: Aiur Storms trade Swift to the Shakuras Inquisition. In return they receive UpRoar and TwoDuece.


Free agent draft has just happened. Congrats to the draftee’s and their new teams!

Here’s the full draft list:

Mar Sara Korhal Char Shakuras Tarsonis City New Gettysburg Kaldir Braxis Redstone Aiur
Owners → Rounds ↓ Maharishi Tenkz Cubs Watermelon Perplex LingKing Eric Kelvin daggius Blitzerg
1 Guerrila Vapour RusH Reimer Fable JMoney Shinichi Death Droplets Irishlad
2 shaftman Arcani Angel Steve Tura SCZephyrinus BigDogGandi Whirlwiind Tijo Salokin
3 ClayJay Colboltz chexmix Lykingond iSpyGecko Modi Hunter Danick Alassau Theotop13
4 ViperaBacilo RIPLouDogg greengreens Wobblypunt OccultEther WarriorSB obeewnn GreenBasterd Cristian DUCKSLAYER

Games This Week:

*Note All Games Take Place On Central Server!

Three Stars of Week 4:

  1. Proster
  2. PeterDLai
  3. Blitzerg


Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Kaldir Yetis – Yetis Win

  • The Yeits had a strong team before free agency. Now to add to their firepower is Shinichi. They should have no issues fighting for a playoff spot and they will strive to challenge for that top spot in their conference. The Threat Agents picked up Guerilla to solidify their defence. I still am not sure if this is enough for the threat agents to push for playoffs with only 1 win in 6 games.

Aiur Storms @ Braxis Barracudas  Cudas Win

  • The Cudasn are hot right now. They have been wracking up lots of wins lately, and they are looking to pick up another against 1st place team Storms. The Storms will be hoping their new addition of Twoduece and Irishlad will help them further strengthen their team. Two very good teams facing off here.

Tarsonis City Tigers @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Flyers Win

  • The Flyers Further strengthened their team by adding defensive player Jmoney to their roster. They are a very strong team that will only benefit from this. The Tigers will be coming off a game in which they were mercied. They are in hopes that fable will help rejuvenate their team to bring them closer to playoffs.

Shakuras Inquisition @ Char Meleons – Meleons Win

  • The Meleons picked up a great defensive player in Rush. With offensive powerhouse Proster already on the team will make them a force to be reckoned with. The Inquisition will be hoping their goalie pickup of Reimer will help seal their team full of household names.

Predictions So Far: 18 correct, 11 wrong

Closing Statements:

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