Last Weeks Results:

Korhol War Pigs @ Mar Sara Threat Agents – Korhol Won 3-2

New Gettysburg Flyers @ Shakuras Inquisition – Flyers Won 6-3

Redstone Reapers @ Kaldir Yetis – Yetis Won by a massive score of 8-1

Tarsonis City Tigers @ Braxis Barracudas – Cudas Won 4-1

General News:

Final games of 2015 coming up!


Games This Week:

Three Stars of Week 6:

  1. DarkLing
  2. Sir
  3. Tenkz


Char Meleons @ Aiur Storms  Storms Win

  • The Aiur Storms have proven themselves a strong team. With their home ice they can feeel comfortable qhen the play. TwoDeuce has proven himself to be a very good player that will help lead them to playoffs. The Meleons also have a strong team with arguably one of the best goaltenders in the league. This game can go either way.

Tarsonis City TigersMar Sara Threat Agents – Tigers Win

  • The Tigers just came off a loss in which they were without their star defender Guerrilla. They will be looking to bounce back against the also struggling Threat Agents. The Threat Agents have almost a completly different team than they started with at the start of the season. They are still looking for this roster to click.

Aiur Storms @ Braxis Barracudas – Cudas Win

  • The Cudasn are hot right now. They have been wracking up lots of wins lately, and they are looking to pick up another against 1st place team Storms. The Storms will be hoping their new addition of Twoduece and Irishlad will help them further strengthen their team. Two very good teams facing off here. The Cudas are looking to make it 4 in a row!

Braxis Barracudas @ Char Meleons – Meleons Win

  • The Meleons are desperate for a win if they want to make playoffs. They will need to use all possible assets in order to achevie this. They have a long road ahead of them but anything is possible. The Cuda’s will be hoping to stay in playoffs and chase for that number 1 spot. They have been looking good recently, and they show no means of slowing down. They will use all force to try and keep things going well.

Aiur Storms @ Redstone Reapers – Reapers Win

  • The Reapers are back on home ice where they hope to chase, and catch up to the conference leading Aiur Storms. Will the Reapers undefeated on west continue their home glory? The Storms will be hoping that their team can defeat the Reapers and set themselves into a good position for 1st place.

Predictions So Far: 22 correct, 13 wrong

Closing Statements:

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