ZHL s7 News Alert: Week 1



Just as a heads up, News Alert will be posted once per week on Sunday morning. I hope you all enjoy reading it as I put lots of work into it.

Be sure to also check out Reimer’s CHL finals recap here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os5gPdSLeNM


Games to watch out for:

Tarsonis City Tigers @ Mar Sara Threat Agents – Opening game of the season, How strong will the Threat Agents be on west, and will Alert goalie succeed?

Braxis Barracudas @ Char Meleons – Will DasH turn out to be the right pick?

Power Rankings (No rankings until week 2 post):











Players of the Week:

Offence – N/A

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Goalie – N/A


Tarsonis City Tigers @ Mar Sara Threat AgentsThreat Agents Win

The Threat Agents get to start of their ZHL season in a comfortable position. Their west heavy team gets to host west where they are able to field their entire strong line-up. Proster on west, as well as TinyTerran goalie on west will create feared line-up for the Tigers. If the Tigers want to win it will take a full team effort, but it wont be easy.

Shakuras Inqisition @ Korhol War PigsWar Pigs Win

This is a game that could easily go either way. Both of these teams on paper seem to be fairly evenly matched. The question that concerns the War Pigs is whether Mets can step up to the plate to help this team win. For the Inquisition, it is likely that Bulbasaur will not make it unless he is on spring break. Either way this will be a fun game to watch.

New Gettysburg Flyers @ Zerus Redlings – Flyers Win

The Flyers have a very good team if everyone can show. As long as Blitz and NoVa can show to this game, I see no reason why the Flyers can’t win. If the Redlings want to win there is a lot of questions that surround them. First is whether Meepomart can play to ZHL quality, and if Krazymen can show up with his attendance issues. The Redlings can still win but it depends on those variables.

Braxis Barracudas @ Char Meleons – Meleons Win

The battle of two teams in which I predicted at the bottom of the league in my draft analysis. The big question for the Barracudas is their goal tending, and if Halo can make the game or not. If he can make the game they have a good chance to win, if not things could get shaky. For the Meleons eyes will be on DasH who was selected early 2nd round by Cubs. It is in Cubs hope that his draft choices will get his team a win here.

Zenn Freeze @ Redstone Reapers – Freeze Win

The Freeze in my opinion had the strongest draft. Their team has extreme depth in scoring and goal tending. The Reapers will have a tough game ahead of them, and they will need to grind hard to get a win. This game will test to see what the Reapers will be doing goal tending wise. With the defence of Guerilla is should not be too big of a problem for someone to slot in.

Interview of the Week:

Each week I will interview one player from the ZHL community as chosen by the community. Today I chose the person myself because its the first post. Be sure to vote on who should be interviewed next in the poll at the end of the post!

Today’s interviewee: ResSlayer

How has the transition from goalie to skater been?


its been alright, the more i play defense the more i realize how much defense has failed me in the past as a goalie. alot of the shots i thought were more my responsibility as a goalie im finding were more the responsibility of my defense


Where do you expect to see your team at the end of the season?


that will depend on how quickly zenn will be in optimal form. im confident that well reach it before playoffs as we review replays and practice often however it might happen later than we want. i predict that well be 2nd in our conference


Which player from your team do you think will surprise most?


none will surprise me because i already know how good the players i drafted are. however i assume swift is underrated in most peoples eyes and i believe his offense this season will surprise the most


Which player from another team do you find the most underrated?


definately mets, alot of people gave korhal shit for drafting him early as they did however i know he was an active member of banjoball and mechanics from those types of games carry over to zealot hockey in a big way. most people judge him harshly i assume because he plays pub games often. he picked up bad habits from there that overshadow his potential. after a season of coaching and playing with zhl level skaters im confident hell prove doubters wrong


As the author of the goalie bible to you consider yourself the best goalie ever? Also where do you also see Eric Plateauing?


eric is only held back by his real life commitments that prevent him from practicing, his goalie instincts are amazing and im confident that hell prove to be the best goalie this season as long as i can keep up with my defending


Do you feel more confident playing goalie or skater?


obviously goalie, however im hoping to make the 2 roughly equal before the mid season point. in my skating games i have 1-2 areas of my play that are better than normal and 1-2 areas that are worse than normal. im confident that ill be comfortable with all of it soon enough.


After winning zhl s6 in your first season did you find it easy?


i dont think its possible to say if it was easy or not because i dont have another season to compare it to. there was definately alot of luck involved and the free agency although burdening us with the coward that is rush, gave us a solid skater that we couldnt have had in the regular season draft. the series between korhal and char decided the championship, and we were lucky to have beaten that team


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Closing Statements:

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