ZHL s7 News Alert: Week 2



Just as a heads up, News Alert will be posted once per week on Sunday morning. I hope you all enjoy reading it as I put lots of work into it.


Last Weeks Results:




Games to watch out for:

Zenn Freeze @ Mar Sara Threat Agents – Battle of west superpowers in ProsteR and Watermelon

Braxis Barracudas @ Korhol War Pigs – War Pigs hoping to get more than 2 shots on goal

Power Rankings:

  1. Zenn Freeze
  2. Shakuras Inquisition
  3. Mar Sara Threat Agents
  4. Zerus Redlings
  5. Char Meleons
  6. Braxis Barracudas
  7. New Gettysburg Flyers
  8. Tarsonis City Tigers
  9. Redstone Reapers
  10. Korhol War Pigs

Players of the Week (1):

Offence – Proster

Proster dominated play on his west home server. He is basically the sole reason on why his team dominated that game by contributing to majority of the goals for his team. He was on his game this week.

Support – Watermelon

Watermelon for this game played more of a support role by setting up Swift multiple times, and even pitching in a goal for himself. He had a stellar game this week.

Defence – Krazymen

Krazymen played stellar defence this week posting a plus 3 S/T with 15 passes and 18 pick-ups. He helped hold the powerhouse offensive skater in LinGKinG to just one goal.

Goalie – TwoDeuce

Not normally a goal tender, TwoDuece filled into the roll of goalie posting a 0.923 sv% on 13 shots (making 12 saves) for the victory.


New Gettysburg Flyers @ Char MeleonsFlyers Win

The flyers will be coming off a game in which they lost by one goal, with their 4th round pick not making it. The Flyers attendance scares from the start of the season had come true for that day. They will be looking to bounce back against a Char Meleons team that won in overtime. The Char Meleons will need to figure out their offensive player position if they want a better hope of winning. Their situation last game didn’t work out as planned.

Braxis Barracudas @ Korhol War PigsWar Pigs Win

Both the Barracudas and War Pigs coming off of losses going into week 2. For the Barracudas they lost a closer game in overtime, but are still in search of how their offence can be produced. The War Pigs are coming off an embarrassing loss in which they managed to get only 2 shots the entire game. Things will need to change for the War Pigs if they want to grab a win against the Cudas.

Zenn Freeze @ Mar Sara Threat AgentsThreat Agents Win

Both the Freeze and the Threat Agents are coming off confident wins from week 1. Watermelon and his Zenn Freeze dominated play with a 4-1 win where Swift recorded a Hat Trick. For Proster and his threat agents, they showed their pure dominance on the west server by winning 4-2 with Proster showing his pure skill. This will be one exciting battle between the west powers in Proster and Watermelon.

Zerus Redlings @ Tarsonis City TigersTigers Win

The Redlings are coming off their 2-1 win over the Flyers from week 1. They will be hoping to keep their winning ways strong when they face the Tarsonis City Tigers who are coming off a tough loss at the hands of Proster’s west power team. The Tigers will be hoping to bounce back with a win when they have the home ice advantage. The Tigers will most mostly be hoping to figure out how to create more offence.

Shakuras Inquisition @ Redstone Reapers – Inquisition Win

The Inquisition will be coming off their confident win where they held the War Pigs to just 2 shots on goal. The Reapers are coming off a tough loss against the powerhouse Zenn Freeze. The Inquisition will hope to keep their confident play rolling. The Reapers are going to try to immediately turn things around and come out with a win to bring them to .500.


Predictions so far: 3 Correct, 2 Wrong

Interview of the Week:

Each week I will interview one player from the ZHL community as chosen by the community. Be sure to vote on who should be interviewed next in the poll at the end of the post!


Today’s interviewee: RusH (allegedly playing heros during interview)


why do u think u get banned from twitch chat so much?


I dont know, Kurt has a macro for it, but he unbans me right away, so i can type in chat again. Then the other mods dont get the joke so i end up staying banned or timed out for 10 minutes. kurt would do it …. the fans would say to ban me … i dont know lol, he gives the people what they want……….. a man of the people yo…. but forealz stop banning me ty..


how did “kevin r we cool” start?


Tom started it, I removed him for some thing he said or did, Happens often. but this time i didn’t read, so he started asking if we were cool lol. I think that’s how it started.


What do you think of your s7 team?


It’s cool playing with people that I haven’t played ZHL with previously, and it’s nice having players who aren’t constantly bullying me like Res was last season. I get to just have fun now.


If you were commish for s8, what rule change(s) would you make?


I’ve never really thought of it, I dont’ know i’m just here to play zh others can worry about that.


Who would be on your zealot hockey dream team (3 players + you + 1 sub)?


Proster, Tom, Vap, and a goalie who isn’t a coward.


If you ran for president of the United States, who from the zealot hockey community would be your Vice President and why?


My vice president would be khsora, so he can spread ebola from within.


How do you see your team doing this season?


I think we’ll do alright if we figure out our forward situation, but i think you can say that about half the teams, so who knows.


did you enjoy co-casting? will you do it again?


It was cool Casting with Tom, I don’t know if I’d do it again, Probably, I’d like to cast with Res one day, jk he sucks, and yeah i did enjoy it.


Poll for next interviewee: http://strawpoll.me/7197610


Closing Statements:


Be sure to tune in to twitch.tv/zealothockey to watch this Sundays games! Be sure to leave feedback or other suggestions on things you would like to see in the forum thread for the ZHL news here.