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Last Weeks Results:




Games to watch out for:


Power Rankings:

  1. Mar Sara Threat Agents +3
  2. Inquisition =
  3. Zenn Freeze -3
  4. Braxis Barracudas +2
  5. New Gettysburg Flyers +2
  6.  Zerus Redlings -2
  7. Tarsonis City Tigers +1
  8. Char Meleons  -3
  9. Redstone Reapers =
  10. Korhol War Pigs =

Players of the Week (2):

Offence – LinGKinG

LinGKinG dominated the ice last week picking up 2 goals and 2 assists to lead his team to victory. His solo offence has been working out for him, and he currently sits at the top of the league with the most points in this season so far.

Support – PeterDLai

PeterDLai is proving himself to be the right choice so far with that pick in the 2nd round. Peter picked up 3 assists last week to help his team beat the Freeze with a large margin.

Defence – Blitzerg

Blitzerg is showing why he is considered one of the top defence in the league. Last week he picked up 2 goals and 1 assist where after 2 games he is sitting at plus 17 s/t and helped his team pickup a big win.

Goalie – TinyTerran

TinyTerran is doing very well on his home west server. He allowed only 1 goal against Watermelon and his Zenn Freeze. He has posted stellar results in his first to games really only letting in 2 goals (3rd was own goal).


Char Meleons @ Korhol War Pigs – War Pigs Win

The War Pigs are still looking for their 1st win of the season. They will be hoping it comes against the Meleons who will be looking to gain ground in the standings. The War Pigs have got to figure things out before they fall too far behind in the standings.

Braxis Barracudas @ Zerus Redlings – Redlings Win

The Redlings are coming off a loss against the Tigers in their 1st inter conference game. The Barracudas are coming off a nice win where Halo stood tall and helped his team defeat the War Pigs. The Redlings will need to produce solid offence today in order to win.

Zenn Freeze @ New Gettysburg Flyers – Freeze Win

The Freeze are coming off of their loss in a controversial Air Conditioned filled game. They will be hoping to turn things back on now that they are away from west games. The Flyers want to keep things rolling, and this will likely only happen if Lingking can continue his strong offensive push.

Shakuras Inquisition @ Tarsonis City Tigers – Tigers Win

Both the Inquisition, and the Tigers, are hoping to start, and continue, some winning streaks this Sunday. Both teams will be at their strongest and will need to rely on strong defence, mixed with enough offence to capture a win.

Mar Sara Threat Agents @ Redstone Reapers – Threat Agents Win

The Threat Agents are at the peak of their game. They are playing strong and have easily won their 1st 2 games against good teams. The Reapers have not been looking good at all lately. They are still in search of their first win and if they don’t get it soon they could be in trouble.

Zenn Freeze @ Shakuras Inquisition – Freeze Win

This game will no doubt be a hard back and fory battle.  Both teams will be hosting strong lineups all on their home server. The Freeze are hoping the keep their controversial loss in thr past and rack up an important win. The Inquisition will hope to keep their wins rolling with another strong win after defeating the Tigers on Sunday. Will take a full team effort for both teams.

Redstone Reapers @ Tarsonis City Tigers – Tigers Win

This is a big game for both the Reapers and the Tigers. The Reapers are still in search of their 1st win, and they will need to get it soon if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. Similar story for the Tigers, they will be hoping to continue fighting for that playoff spot, a loss would really hurt them.

Zerus Redlings @ Korhol War Pigs – Redlings Win

Predictions so far: 7 Correct, 3 Wrong

Interview of the Week:

Each week I will interview one player from the ZHL community as chosen by the community. Be sure to vote on who should be interviewed next in the poll at the end of the post!


Today’s interviewee: Jmoney


What are you particularly excited about in regards to the ‘ZH Standalone’?


Like warrior hockey? I think the expanded player pool and matchmaking is a really cool idea. Being able to hit join game and being matched with players close to your skill level is a much better system than our current IHs. If there is MMR, that also means
that there’s something to work towards in random games. It could be a really cool narrative to see how the #1 IH, or pick up game player does in a league setting, if that’s something that continues into the new game


Which team from your conference do you see as giving you the toughest time playing against them?


Its kind of hard to say. It’s my opinion that the 2 best teams (on paper) in the league are in our conference. So, that being said I think Mar Sara and Shakuras would be equally difficult opponents. However they are heavily server dependent teams.
I think they are potentially teams we could go 1-1 against this season, where as a team with more server diversity could 2-0 us.


how do you come up with such great Twitch Chat comments?


I have a great writing staff. I’m just an extremely charismatic medium for them to get their jokes out to the world (⊙︿⊙✿)


how big of a coward is rush?


I actually think RusH is incredibly brave. Being one of the only openly gay members of such a small community takes a lot of heart


Where do you see your team at the end of the season?


Due to the difficulty of our division, I think our ceiling is 3rd seed going into playoffs, but I also think our floor is 4th place in our division.


Where do you see zealot hockey in 1 year from now?


There’s a lot of variables. I think Warrior Hockey could be huge for the community. Ideally it would at least double the player pool. I think right now, we have too many players that are in situations where they are made irrelevant. I think right now our infrastructure is kind of poor. There’s a lot of room for growth. I’ve had small brainstorming sessions about how a Zealot Hockey Dynasty league could be an interesting concept if nothing else. Maybe in Warrior Hockey people would have longer tenures


What would you like to see during off seasons (ex. Between s7 and s8 offseason)?


CHL was a really interesting concept. At the very least I’d like to see another league similar to that. I used to be a big fan of the offseason break, but adding mini-seasons between full seasons is a great way for players to get better. The only way to
improve is to play challenging games, and I think league play is the biggest challenge you can get.


If you were to become lead caster of ZHL who would you hire as your 3 casting buddies?


I would have to go with my Redline tournament casting pals Krazymen and Kwakster. Kwakster may not be the most talented but this is the best way to get him mod in twitch chat. I would love to choose Rush as one of my 3 casting buddies, but I think everyone
heard how he shut down and barely spoke on his previous casts. So for that reason, the third slot would have to go to Watermelon. I think the analytical aspect be brings to casts is unreal, so that would offset Kwak Krazy and I dicking around

Why in the past have you blocked me multiple times :D?

Hahah, the first time was because of the s4 probe debacle. I was super rattled when I was unjustly disqualified. Other times I guess it was just spam, blocking is the only way to deal with it


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Closing Statements:


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