Welcome to week 5 of News Alert! Just as a heads up, News Alert will be posted once per week on Sunday. I hope you all enjoy reading it as I put lots of work into it.

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Last Weeks Results:




Games to watch out for:

Char Meleons @ Zenn Freeze – This will be the first look at Zenn’s completely redone team.

Korhal War Pigs @ Mar Sara Threat Agents – Possible first game for newest FA acquisition Recurve.

Power Rankings:

  1. Mar Sara Threat Agents =
  2. Inquisition =
  3. Tarsonis City Tigers +1
  4. New Gettysburg Flyers -1
  5. Zerus Redlings =
  6. Redstone Reapers +3
  7. Char Meleons +1
  8. Zenn Freeze +3
  9. Braxis Barracudas -3
  10. Korhal War Pigs -3

Players of the Week (4):

From this point on, the players of the week will be selected (with my help) and written by Cubs.

Offence – Proster
Proster played a massive role in both of Mar Sara’s wins this week in which they actually played. His major focal point was 5 points, contributing to all goals, in a pivotal game against the Shakuras Inquisition that really boosted the team morale as now they are the favorites to win their conference.
Support – Vapour
After losing to Mar Sara, the Inquisition needed to win a game against the Char Meleons to keep pace with the red-hot Threat Agents. After bulb started off to a slow start in the game, Vapour picked up the slack and was able to get the game into overtime after a clutch cross-post snipe with 10 seconds remaining in the game, which lead to Shakuras winning in overtime.
Defence – Khsora
Sam had two excellent games this week as he shut down Tenkz against Char, forcing Tenkz to -7 and finishing with a +5 S/T. He also moved the puck very efficiently against the Inquisition as he had 28 passes out to his two offensive players.
Goalie – Fancypants
Fancy only had one game this week, and he made that game count as he shut out the Korhal Warpigs making 8 saves on all 8 shots against him. He played a big part in a key win for the Flyers as they defeated their conference rivals.



Korhal War Pigs @ Mar Sara Threat Agents Threat Agents Win

The Threat Agents have been dominating play and are yet to lose a game. Proster, and his team, have stomped over all opponents in their way. The War Pigs had first pick in the free agent draft where they selected Recurve. This is a great addition to their team, however I do not think it is enough to beat the Threat Agents.

New Gettysburg Flyers @ Shakuras Inquisiton – Inquisition Win

The Inquisiton currently are the other powerhouse of the ZHL. Vapour, and Bulbasaur, have created great chemistry together to lead their team to beating everyone except for the Threat Agents. The Flyers will need to fight hard if they want to beat the Inquisition.  The Flyers are fighting for 1st place in the south conference.

Redstone Reapers @ Zerus Redlings – Reapers Win

The Reapers have found a little bit of a good groove lately. They recently acquired Reimer who helped them win their last game to extend their winning streak to 2 games. The Redlings find themselves having lost 2 games in a row and are looking for a quick bounce back against the Reapers.

Tarsonis City Tigers @ Braxis Barracudas – Tigers Win

The Tarsonis City Tigers have also found winning ways lately. The Tigers have won 2 games in a row where they will be facing the Barracudas who themselves have lost 2 games in a row. The Tigers want to keep fighting for that playoff spot with other teams finding hot hands behind them.

Char Meleons @ Zenn Freeze – Freeze Win

The Zenn Freeze are coming into this game with an entirely new team. I am going with the bold prediction and saying that this new Freeze team is going to find a win. The Meleons want to bounce back from their tough overtime loss last week. The Meleons are in a very tight conference fighting for a playoff spot.


Predictions so far: 13 Correct, 8 Wrong

Interview of the Week:

Each week I will interview one player from the ZHL community as chosen by the community. Be sure to vote on who should be interviewed next in the poll at the end of the post!


Today’s interviewee: Mets


Being new to the Zealot Hockey community, how are you liking it?

I’ve enjoyed the game and community a lot so far. The community here is much better than the Banjoball community for a few reasons. There’s far less toxicity and the people in general are more helpful too, also there’s a lot more structure and organization which is great as well.

How are you liking your first season of ZHL?

It’s been really fun. All of my games so far have been very close, aside from the 4-0 loss to New Gettysburg. Three of them have actually gone to overtime, so it’s been a blast. I also now get the chance to play with my great friend, Tenkz, which should be interesting going forward.

What do you expect to see from teams in this final playoff push?

Hopefully, since the trade deadline has passed there will be no more drama and people can just focus on playing. I think the South Conference is gonna have a very tight race between all the teams, North seems pretty set with the top 3 teams.

Do you think the trade deadline acquisitions will help or hurt teams, and which teams?

I think Red Stone getting Reimer will help them a lot, since Moose and Daggius had attendance issues, so now they’ll at least have a reliable goalkeeper. I think Shakuras getting Nova will be a great addition too, since it gives them a third man.

What advice would you give to new players joining the game since you recently did so?

Pay special attention to how the more experienced players play and don’t be afraid to ask questions! I think I’ve learned a ton just by playing in lots of games with guys like TwoDeuce and Maha because they do everything so well.

If you were to name your ZH play-style after a food, which would it be and why?

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice, because I’m perfect every time. 🙂

Would you change anything about the current ZHL structure if you could?

I would seriously considering doing away with trades, introducing a no-trade clause for players, or just preventing 1st rounders from being traded because imbalanced trades in a league like this can ruin the experience for everyone. Another thing that I think deserves consideration is the introduction of some kind of auction draft for players, because I think a guy like Proster’s value is not accurately reflected simply by being the No. 1 pick.


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Closing Statements:


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