ZHL Season 5 Owners Announced!

Congratulations and good luck to our ZHL season 5 owners, announced this past Sunday on the Reim Time episode featuring none other than DancingMoose, commissioner of season 5!

To get more insight into how things are going to be run this season, check out the VOD of the last Reim Time episode here (props to ProfessorX for uploading it so quickly)!

Season 5 Owners (alphabetical):
Death (replaces Swift who opted out due to personal reasons)
KingLouie (aka Perplex)
TinyTerran (aka Cheezus)

If you count the number of owners, you will soon find out that there are a total of 10. That’s right! Zealot Hockey League is expanding to 10 teams this season to accommodate the massive number of signups and expanding talent pool. Both the ZHL and ZHPL will benefit from the expansion, giving more opportunities to up-and-comers and returning veterans to showcase their skills in the ZHL and for more of the newer players to be featured in Probe League!

If you have not already, register for this season now! The last day to signup is Wednesday, July 1st. Every single player who signs up before the deadline will get drafted to a team. The draft will be streamed live on Sunday, July 5th @ 9:00PM EST on the official ZHL Twitch.tv channel, so be sure to tune in!