ZHL Season Two Owners Announced

UPDATE 4: Anglefire has selected the team name Kaldir Yetis.  More on the icy moon of Midr IV available on the StarCraft wiki.

UPDATE 3: Watermelon has chosen the team name Shakuras Inquisition. History of Shakuras available on the StarCraft wiki.

UPDATE 2: ooter has changed his team name to Zenn Freeze.  Learn about the planet, Zenn, on the StarCraft wiki.

UPDATE: Guerrila is taking the New Gettysburg team name. Anglefire is temporarily given the Deadman’s Port name, but intends on changing it.  Watermelon and ooter have indicated a likelihood of changing team names, as well, but no changes have been made yet.

Based on the pool of registered players at this point, I think we can safely expect to be able to support a league of eight teams. I really wish we could do ten, because there were a couple very solid candidates I had to cut. But I don’t think it’s safe to assume we’ll get another 40 or 50 sign-ups by the time we select teams, especially if we aim to meet my September start time goal. And it’s certainly better to underestimate than over.

Bearing that in mind, with the help of last season’s owners and acting owners who are still active in the community, I have selected eight owners for Season Two:

AnglefireKaldir Yetis
brucecambellZerus Redlings
CountryKenKorhal War Pigs
Guerrila – New Gettysburg Flyers
IrishLadTarsonis City Tigers
ooterZenn Freeze
TerohMar Sara Threat Agents
Watermelon – Shakuras Inquisition

Team names are by no means set in stone; owners choose that for themselves. For the purposes of this announcement, I used last season team names and a couple from an old suggestion thread that I happened to like. So be aware, team names are subject to change.

More importantly, we need to organize a time for the owners and I to hold a meeting on TeamSpeak and go through the grueling process of figuring out the rulebook. Draft format, salaries or no salaries, free agency, and a long list of other topics, currently posted here, all need to be hashed out.

My hope is we will hold that meeting no later than a week from today, but it’s not always that simple to calibrate eight people’s personal calendars.  Once the meeting takes place, rules and league format will be finalized, as well as deadlines and, of course, the draft date.

Keep watching this space, folks.  ZHL Season Two is coming very soon!