ZHPL Weekly #1

Welcome to the first edition of ZHPL Weekly! I’ve assembled a group of ZHPL *experts* to make make predictions, picks, etc. this season. Some weekly editions will be accompanied by a video segment featuring highlights and more.

First, let’s start with the pre-season rankings:

On the “consensus” column you will find the average ranking for each team. Tarsonis City and Redstone are tied at #1.

Next, I asked everyone to fill out a questionnaire: 

Interesting to note that people are expecting so much from Doris! I’ve only seen him play once, hopefully he lives up to the hype.

Lastly, each person was asked to make their picks against the spread for this week. I’ll be tracking each person’s record throughout the season to see how they wind up.

Instead of doing straight picks for the teams I decided to put spreads, to make it more interesting and challenging.

Example of how to pick teams in this format:

Redstone @ Braxis (+2.5) – This means that Braxis is a 2.5 goal underdog in the game. Redstone would have to win by 3 goals in order for a pick of them to be correct. Otherwise, Braxis would be the correct pick.

Shakuras @ Tarsonis City (-2.5) – This means that Tarsonis City is a 2.5 point favorite. Tarsonis City would have to win by 3 goals in order for a pick of them to be correct. Otherwise, Shakuras would be the correct pick.

The reason they are half points is to prevent ties. Forfeits will be treated as 10-0 games. After a week or two of games, it should become easier to determine the spreads and we’ll see more variation in the picks.

Thanks for reading, good luck to everyone this season!

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